Spartans baseball redeems initial loss with victory against Vikings


Nicole Wagenbrenner, News Beat Reporter

On Wednesday, April 20, the boys baseball team lost against Palo Alto High School in an away-conference game ending with a final score of 11–1. Following this match, the Spartans will continue to hold their fifth place standing in the DeAnza League.  

By the second inning, junior Tyler Yocum successfully achieved the Spartan’s single run in the game. Following the second inning, however, the Vikings gradually scored more points. Players including sophomores Clay White and Wes Harwell made it to first and second base on the third pitch of the fourth inning. Despite a substantial loss, the Spartans sustained nine hits by the end of the seventh inning, only one hit below the Vikings’ total number of ten hits.

Senior Brian Sussman said that the Spartans anticipated heavy competition prior to the match, given that the Vikings’ roster consists of players committed to competitive Division I schools such as University of Arizona and Stanford University.

Two days later, the Spartans rematched the Vikings at home—this time securing a triumphant win of 12–5 with a six point lead. This is the Vikings first in-league game loss, however, they will continue to hold their standing in first place in league. 

By the beginning of the first inning through the end of the second inning, the Vikings and Spartans sustained a tie of 2–2. By the third inning, the Spartans scored a 4–2 lead, and substantially scored seven runs in the fifth inning while the Vikings failed to successfully score more than three runs throughout the rest of the game. As a result of their win, the Spartans hold a 12–10 overall win to loss ratio this season.