Quarantine diaries: students’ reflect on lockdown


Olivia Velasco

With the upsurge of COVID-19 cases in the past month, we interviewed spartans about their experiences in quarantine.

Courtesy of Raman.

“I watched lots of TV and I would FaceTime friends a lot. I would sometimes do homework but I didn’t always have energy for that because I actually had symptoms…I had a fever, a cough, a sore throat, congestion, all the basic flu symptoms…Also I had to have COVID on my birthday so it wasn’t really fun.”

Freshman Anika Raman
Courtesy of Penix.

“I had cold symptoms, so I wasn’t allowed out of my room. I couldn’t be around anyone, so I watched a lot of TV and I stretched a lot in my room… It sucked. I mean, I would say FOMO. I guess knowing everyone else was back at school and it was right at the beginning of the semester and I just couldn’t be there. But it was okay because a lot of my friends were home too so we’d FaceTime during the day…Honestly, being stuck in your house really sucks, so people should be doing everything that they can to keep from getting Omicron.”

Senior Josie Penix
Courtesy of Chen.

“It was really boring because I had COVID and I didn’t have symptoms but I still had to quarantine, so I was kind of surprised… I lost my smell but I could taste, which was really weird… It was so boring. It was not even funny how boring it was. Sometimes I would just stare at the ceiling, usually on my bed. It was that bad.”

Senior Alex Chen
Courtesy of Roosakos.

“I was just sitting in my bed all day, not being able to clean my room because I was so lightheaded from just standing up…I lost my sense of taste one morning and then by that night, I was starting to get it back, but everything just tasted really, really bad…the first week back, that’s when I started looking at all my assignments and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I missed so much’…I’m still kind of catching up in some classes now because I am having to do all the old work and then also the new work that’s coming in.”

Sophomore Lily Roosakos