Culture week showcases diversity of student body through performances from Spartan Buddies, Ambassadors and the Folklorico class


Derin Degerli

From Jan. 24 to Jan 28,  ASB is hosting Culture Week, a week-long event that seeks to represent the diversity of the entire student body. The purpose of Culture Week is to show that MVHS is a place where students can not only grow academically, but also gain more knowledge and insight on other cultures—including their own. 

According to ASB Vice President Toki Morimoto, “Students participating in Culture Week do not necessarily have to showcase their culture but can showcase something they’re taking part in and are very passionate about.” ASB planned many events such as the Culture rally on Jan. 24, the art exhibit that occurred on Jan. 26 during lunch, and the fashion show on Jan. 28 at 3:15 p.m. 

Students perform a cultural dance at the rally

Both the fashion show and art exhibit were planned to honor the art and fashion of other cultures as well as express the passion the artists have. Many classes and clubs were encouraged to participate in these events. Spanish classes, Mandarin classes, Spartan Buddies, Ambassadors, and Folklorico performed dances in the rally to showcase the diversity of the MVHS community. 

“Culture week will be highlighting different aspects of our school, not just ethnicity or race but showcasing sports, talents, hobbies, and passions, “ Morimoto said.