Varsity girls soccer kicks off season with 6-0 victory against Willow Glenn


Ella Haney-Foulds

Supporters lined the stands of MVHS’s home turf in jackets and scarves for varsity girls soccer’s first game of the season. The team, unsure of how they would play against an unfamiliar opponent, stepped onto the turf without high expectations. 

The expectations were to just come out and try to play well and together. I think we far exceeded that.

–Head coach Jeff Panos

MVHS beat Willow Glen high school 6-0 and held possession for about 80% of the game, according to Panos. 

The first goal was scored by sophomore Freyja Arnarsdottir five minutes into the first half. Sophomore Haley Westcott joined Arnarsdottir as the team’s two attacking midfielders in the starting line-up. Team captain and senior Abby Westcott played holding midfielder.

“It was a really good start to our season,” Abby said. “I think the team came out with a bang, and I’m excited to see what we’re going to do [this season].”

With senior Sophia Sasaki in goal, the rest of the starting line-up consisted of senior Isabella Walker as left forward, senior Julia Webster as center forward, and senior Allie Montoya as right forward. The backline had senior Josie Penix as left back, seniors Hope Stafford and Elechi Iroaga as center backs, and junior Kate Stone as right back. 

Montoya scored the next two goals of the game, one with 10:44 left in the first half, and the other with 15:13 left in the second half. Panos said Montoya, a Stanford women’s soccer commit, has not played for MVHS since her freshman year.

“[Allie’s] here as a senior and opened up the game for us, and that was really fantastic,” Panos said.

All 28 players got a turn on the field during the game. Senior Mackenzie Fry, who subbed in during the second half, said she was proud that in addition to three goals from starting line-up players, three goals also came from the bench. 

“We definitely got everybody involved because we were able to empty our bench,” Fry said.

With 14:13 left in the second half, sophomore Karena Shah scored the first goal from the bench, bringing the score to 4-0. Then, with 9:43 left in the game, sophomore Juno Winegar scored another goal. 

Fry scored the last goal of the game in the final two minutes, bringing the final score to 6-0, and a win for MVHS. 

“Their goalie was really good,” Fry said. “It was nice for us to have to best her by not just long shots, but by doing tap-ins.”

The team ended the game in good spirits, congratulating each other and looking forward to playing the rest of the season after their successful start.