Loss For Varsity Boys: Win for Sixth Man Club


Leah Higgins

Although the Mountain View Varsity Boys Basketball team ended up losing last night, December 2nd, in their first game of the season with a final score of 14-40 against Saint Francis High School, the true story lies in the overwhelming support from student members of the Sixth Man Club who were in attendance at the game. Even though the game was away (at Saint Francis) — on the first school night of December as finals loom over students’ heads — there were at least 30 MVHS students at the game to support their team. Most of the students could be seen in their Sixth Man Club t-shirts (which are still for sale.)

Leading chants and selling t-shirts were club Vice President Jake Butters, Secretary Rob Carpenter, Treasurer Dean Trammell, and Community Service Coordinator Anthony Avery. Meanwhile, President John McAlister, (who previously supported Anthony Avery and Jake Butters during their fall football season) played hard in the game. John was one of several seniors who saw the majority of the playing time, along with Corey Fitz, Kevin Ives, Blake Jarrell, Karl Wilson, and Nikki Kapany.

On the loss, Anthony Avery commented, “We fought hard and things just didn’t click tonight. As the season progresses I think the team will become more comfortable together, and playing tough competition such as the West Catholic League helps our Spartans in the long run.” The game does not count for either team’s records because they are from different leagues.

Rob Carpenter pointed out that there were a lot of missed 3-point shots, and said “If we were making those 3’s it would be a much closer game.” However, both Avery and Carpenter’s biggest comments were that they appreciated the support from all the students who came out to the game. Even one Saint Francis student remarked at how many more Mountain View fans there were than Saint Francis fans and said “it was intimidating.”

Junior player Leo Hsia confirmed that support from the Sixth Man Club positively affects the team on the court. Although the basketball season is only just beginning, the Sixth Man Club has been working to build up attendance at games and spirit for Mountain View High School all year.