‘Noises Off’ Review


Sanskriti Sharma

 “Ridiculously hilarious,” was the consensus among students in describing ‘Noises Off,’ the MVHS play that ran from November 14-16 . The acting class at MVHS was able to reenact one of the funniest plays ever written and was able to wow the audience with their performance. It’s also one of the toughest to pull off, relying so heavily on comic timing, stamina and agility. The play is about an ambitious director who has created a show, but is struggling to perfect it with his mediocre actors who seem to have many issues of their own. It was split up into three acts which exposed different phases of the disastrously entertaining show:

  • Act One: Onstage during dress rehearsal.

  • Act Two: Backstage during a matinee performance.

  • Act Three: Onstage during a wonderfully ruined performance.

    During the two hour production, the acting was magnificent and the actors had truly become one with their characters. It was a well directed play with cleverly done sets, like a two story house with curtains, painted doors, and extra decoration items. Although the actors were young, they portrayed their characters with the maturity of professional actors. Overall, the entire production left an everlasting impression and kept the audience laughing until the end.