One World, One Voice


Carly Miller

At 6:40 PM, the line for the choir concert, ‘One World, One Voice,’ was already trickling down the ramp of the MVHS theater and proceeding down to the parking lot. The concert held from 7-9 PM on Monday, October 28th was sold out; some parents and other audience members had to stand in the wings of the theater. One World, One Voice combines the choirs from MVHS with those at Blach, Egan, Graham, and the World Harmony Chorus from Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View.

All of the choirs have been preparing since the beginning of the year. A few weeks ago, all of the groups met at MVHS where they learned the choreography to the songs and practiced together.

The concert featured songs from all around the world, sung in all different languages, and crossed many different genres; from a Georgian love song sang by World Harmony Chorus, to a contemporary number, ‘Jenny Kissed Me,’ performed by Madrigals. The audience was even part of the act, singing with all of the choirs in the final song, ‘Shalom, Peacem, Peace.’

One World, One Voice is not only one of the most popular concerts of the year, but unique in that it incorporates the middle school choirs as well. Sophomore Sally Moceyunas performed this year in the advanced all-girl’s choir, A Cappella, but remembers being on that same stage as a middle schooler. Moceyunas commented on how she always looked up to the MVHS choirs and is amazed that now she’s wearing the blue A Cappella dress.

The concert that began with parents waving feverishly at their kids on the raisers, came to a close with everyone, of all ages, singing the words, “And unto you be peace.”

Jill Denny, the MVHS choir director and presenter of the night commented on the success of the night.

Denny said, “[The concert is a] great opportunity to come together as a community to make music together because that is how world problems will be solved through a common language.”