Don’t blacklist “The Blacklist”


Andrew Bosset

“Let’s call it the blacklist shall we, that sounds exciting!”

The pilot of the Blacklist that aired on Monday, September 23rd, on NBC, was exactly that–exciting. James Spader brilliantly portrays a mastermind criminal, Raymond “Red” Reddington who has compiled a list of the most dangerous and powerful criminals of which the FBI has no knowledge.  He is a confident, witty, and narcissistic man who utilizes his abilities to outsmart people to get exactly what he wants. His wit brings a dry sense of humor to the intense drama.


Red will use this list to gain immunity and other various perks, and to work with the other main character, Elizabeth Keen, a new FBI profiler who he has taken an interest in. The pilot contains a multitude of twists and turns that open thousands of doors to the show’s future.


One of the more curious aspects of the show is the future growth of the relationships between the main character Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone, and the characters around her.  Red is key to her in delving down into the truth about what happened to her family and in finding out more about her husband, who turns out to be more than what he seems. Hopefully, the show will offer some insight into the meaning and importance of the peculiar scar on Keen’s wrist.


These relationships offer dynamism in the show that will allow for a rich plot. If the rest of the show lives up to a the pilot episode, then it will undoubtedly turn into an immediate success and long-lasting series.