MV Football faces loss on the field, not in spirit


Stefano Scotti

On Friday, September 21 the Mountain View High School football team faced off in a scrimmage against Los Altos under the Foothill college stadium lights. Although the Spartans put up a good fight, Los Altos won the game 32-14.

The MVHS Spartans came out into the field pumped up and ready to play. Both teams’ stands were filled with fans and supporters, with MVHS spirit at a surprising high.

Despite the support, the Spartans ended the 1st quarter quietly, with Los Altos scoring after MVHS failed to clamp down on defense and let a long pass go through.

The Spartans didn’t fare much better in the beginning of the 2nd quarter, as Los Altos unrelentingly pushed the ball up the field and scored a 35 yard field goal. The Spartan passing game looked slightly off with several missed opportunities. The Eagles took this chance to widen the score to 17-0 with 21 yard pass to touchdown.

However, with 2:30 on the clock MVHS rallied with several great passes downfield by quarterback Ashley Avery and finally a touchdown pass to Austin Johnson. After kicker Esteban Rivera put away the extra point, the Spartans brought the score to 17-7 going into halftime.

The beginning of the 3rd quarter showed strong effort from MVHS as they shut down the Eagle’s offense. Near the end of the quarter, however, MVHS started to slow down as Los Altos scored a 45 yard field goal. With 1:33 left for in3rd quarter the Los Altos running back squeezed by MVHS defense to score another touchdown. After a failed 2 point conversion, the score was 26-7 going into the final quarter.

The Spartans gave it their all in the 4th quarter, taking advantage of a fumble to push downfield. After a big catch from Austin Johnson, the Spartans were able to score after a pass to Jake Butters. With only 7 minutes on the clock, however, it was obvious that the Spartans weren’t going to be able to put this one away. The game ended with Los Altos scoring with a hail mary pass at 10 seconds left to win the game 34-14.

Despite the loss, fans were still optimistic.

“Night-time games have the highest turnout. There must’ve been at least 2000-3000 people here tonight! And even though we lost, we really hung in there and gave them a fight.” Al the security guard said.

Junior Reagan Mszanowski said, “I thought we had a great turnout, and there was an exceptional amount of spirit.”