Varsity girls Water Polo wins against Harker with a splash


Corinna Lee

Today at 4:30 pm, Mountain View High School’s Girls varsity water polo team won 17 to 0 against Harker. This was the second game of the season, following a win at their first game last week against Cupertino High School. The game was off to a great start with a quick goal by player number 14, Samantha Hartman, within the first fifteen seconds of the game. There were consistent assists, goals, and passes, giving Mountain View the lead with a score of 5 to 0 in the first quarter.

By the end of the first half of the game, the score was 10 to 0, with Mountain View dominating the pool. Intercepts by Krysta and Nicole Korpontinos as well as strong passes by Arlynda Huerta and Sophie Brotzel gave MV an edge over Harker. Paige Taylor, the goalie of Mountain View’s water polo team, played strongly, blocking every one of Harker’s attempts to score, a total of seven times. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 12 to 0 with Mountain.

In the last few minutes of the game, the MV coach, Drew Enlow, was yelling to his players to slow down as they swam aggressively to Harker’s side, and Emily Chao scored the 16th goal, while Harker still had a 0 next to their name on the scoreboard. As the last few minutes ticked by, Mountain View easily dominated the game with a score of 17 to 0.

Before the game, players Krysta Korpontinos, Nicole Korpontinos and Arlynda Huerta came to the consensus that they were,“nervous and worried, because last year, Harker was the league champion for CCS.” Mountain View had also lost to Harker in last year’s semi finals, but this year, Mountain View had a strong comeback.

Enlow’s goal for this year is to, “have Mountain View High School win leagues and have a strong showing at CCS.” He added that, “[MVHS] played very well today with excellent defense, counter attacks, and steals.” This unexpected success gave the team more confidence and started their season off with a promising start. Even though they had a great game, the players agreed that they still have areas of improvement to work on–a major one being communication.