The Fresh New Freshmen: ASB Winners 2013


Samantha Joseph

The results are in! The freshman class of 2017 voted for who they believe would make the best representatives for their class. As released earlier, the new freshman ASB members are:


Class of 2017 President: Eugene Choi

Class of 2017 Vice President: Mary Grace Descourouez

Class of 2017 Public Relations: Emma Wahl

Class of 2017 Secretary/Treasurer: Molly Harrigan

All members of the newly formed cabinet seemed excited and ready to lead the class of 2017. The Oracle sat down with the four freshmen to get their thoughts on the coming year.

Eugene Choi said, “By being president, I will make school activities, such as rallies and lunchtime games, more fun. I am looking forward to organizing fundraisers like car washes and bake sales for school needs. For example, we can have vending machines supplied with drinks.”

Mary Grace Descourouez explained her motivations behind running for the position along with her goals for this year: “I enjoy expressing my ideas, and learning from others, and being a leader. My goals for this year are to make MVHS an even stronger school and community, and to bring spirit to rallies, sporting events, and school in general! This year I want ASB to continue to be a good foundation for MVHS.”

Emma Wahl, Public Relations, said: “I thought it would be interesting to be part of the leadership of the student body. At Blach [middle school] I was part of leadership, and I also wanted to continue doing something similar to that.”

Wahl listed many goals for the 2013-2014 year, among them being, “I want [ASB] to become the best it can be through helping the student body and creating events where people can have fun and become better connected with the people around them.”

“Last year my sister ran for ASB, and I thought it would be a fun experience,” said Molly Harrigan, Secretary/Treasurer. When asked why she chose to run for the position of Secretary/Treasurer, Harrigan replied, “I chose secretary treasurer because I have experienced it before. I hope to get students’ voices involved in the ASB.”

Harrigan elaborated by saying she appreciated that the, “student-run government is meant for the students’ ideas to be heard and considered.”

This year is bound to be one of Mountain View High School’s best due to the motivated and confident freshmen elected to student government.