5 Minute Breakfasts for AP Testing

5 Minute Breakfasts for AP Testing

Naib Mian

Doctors, nutritionists, and health teachers alike note that breakfast is the important meal of the day, giving one the energy to get going in the morning and stay alert all day. While getting up early for school can often be stressful and rushed, there is nothing worse than sitting, head drooping and stomach rumbling, through four to five classes before lunch. Especially with AP exams coming up, a morning meal can set you up for success and a great day. That’s why the Oracle has compiled a list of quick and worthwhile breakfasts you can make before heading to school.


Homemade Parfait

  • Nonfat yogurt
  • Your favorite berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • Organic Agave or Honey
  • Granola (if you have some) or unsweetened cereal or some crushed nuts

This is nutrient rich and really fast. Fruits add Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins; Agave or Honey provide the same sweet taste without the rush/crash of sugar.


  • Whole grain toast
  • Spread — Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, or Avocado (to replace butter)
  • For a little extra energy add some berries, bananas, or raisins

This is a really speedy option. Simply toast the bread and spread on the toppings. The butter replacements add different flavors and provide healthier fats than the traditional butter. Almond butter also provides excellent protein.


  • Beaten egg
  • Chopped vegetables of your choice, you can buy them pre-chopped (onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers)
  • cheese, but not too much
  • salt and pepper

Use this option before a big exam or important presentation. It’s a power breakfast that packs in the protein, vitamins, and nutrients to fill your day with energy and last you till lunch.