A review of spirit week

Mountain View High has never been a quintessential “Friday Night Lights”-esque high school. We don’t have thousands of students attending our football games and the stands in our gym aren’t packed before a basketball tournament (well, sometimes.) Attendance to both formal and casual dances is often spotty as well. But this is where the ASB class comes in—one of the purposes of this class is to raise school spirit, which they do by hosting rallies, championing sporting events, and putting on “spirit weeks” before big dances like they did the week of March 22nd.

Consistently, before dances like Homecoming, Winter Ball, and the Back to School Dance, the ASB class puts together a week’s worth of activities for the entire MVHS student body to participate in. These events range from lunchtime games to costumed themes of the day to partake in. There’s always an overarching theme to the events of spirit week that correlate with the dances, which serves the dual purpose of both exciting the student body and foreshadowing the theme of the upcoming dance. For example, in 2010, the Back-to-School Dance theme was cavemen (Flintstones, homosapeins, etc.) and some of the spirit week activities included making a pet rock and dressing in all grey.

This week’s theme matched the upcoming spring season—health and a spring salute combined. Monday’s promotion was to wear workout clothes and participate in a zumba workout at lunchtime. Tuesday was a fruit colors based on your class day—that means kiwis for seniors, strawberries for juniors, etc. Wednesday was PJ day, where you can come to school in anything from footsie pajamas to a bathrobe. And Friday, the day before the dance, was Spartan pride day and MV-themed free T-Shirt making was offered in the quad.

The placement and choice of these activities was ideal for this time of year. Sometimes, at the beginning of the semester, more elaborate spirit days like costume day near Halloween are popular. But this is the season 2 months away from senior graduation, 1 month away from AP tests, and 2 weeks away from SATs. People are stressed out, and ASB worked hard to alleviate this stress with their spirit day choices. They carefully chose themes that wouldn’t be hard to participate in, that would actually make life easier. Who doesn’t want to roll out of bed in pajama bottoms and head to first period? Usually this really isn’t socially acceptable, but having it as a spirit day made it a totally OK thing to do.

ASB’s members tend to be leaders among our school community. Seeing them partake in activities like zumba workouts and Spartan pride day not only encourage a healthy lifestyle but also to have more pride in our school and participate more as a student in general. I saw many more participants in this spirit week than I did in the last, so in this way, the March spirit week was a definite success.