ASB Election Results

Viet Nguyen

On March 15th, after 3 days of voting, the Associated Student Body officially announced the results of the recent election.

Below is a comprehensive list of the 2013-2014 ASB Officers.


ASB President: Jake Stuebner

ASB Vice President: Natalie Lillie

ASB Secretary: Kelly Vroom

ASB Treasurer: Kiley Rucker

Activities Commissioner: Morgan Matthews

Community Service Commissioner: Samantha Mozer

Athletics Commissioner: John McAlister

Clubs Commissioner: Josue Aguilar

Dance Commissioner: Alison Lundberg

Elections Commissioner: Danny Ballesteros

Environmental Commissioner: Leah Higgins

Historian: Dean Trammell

Homecoming/Prom Commissioner: Jacqueline Chao

Multicultural Commissioner: Alexandra Malo

Tech Commissioner: Maddy Cook

Rally Commissioner: Kelsey Harrigan

Spirit Commissioner: Celeste Ingersoll

Staff Recognitions Commissioner: Jake Butters

Student Recognitions Commissioner: Bethany Tinklenberg

School Board Representative: Katie Lan

Sophomore Class President: Kevin Chan

Sophomore Class Vice President: Annie Iverson

Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer: Emily White

Sophomore Public Relations: Ryan Sturges

Junior Class President: Leo Hsia

Junior Class Vice President: Hanna Harrison

Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer: David McMullin

Junior Class Public Relations: Austin Johnson

Senior Class President: Ethan Giles

Senior Class Vice President: Rob Carpenter

Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer: Annika Reno

Senior Class Public Relations: Haley Sawamura