Hangout hotspots in Los Altos and Mountain View


Rachel Lee

      The end of school day is often associated with books being shoveled into backpacks hurriedly, chairs being pushed out with a disruptive sound, and students pouring out of classroom doors- but what is the motive that drives these students to pack up so hastily? Despite the desire to get out of class early, some students are also eager to explore unique and convenient spots to simply unwind with their friends. Downtown Mountain View and Los Altos are peppered with various hang out spots that host comfortable environments perfect for stressed students.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Mountain View, Castro street, CrepeVine promotes a casual ambiance with open windows that let in the occasional breeze. With the option of outdoor seating, students can study while enjoying a sweet or savory crepe in either the California sun or retreat inside. CrepeVine provides a great remedy to a long, stress-induced week of school.

If you are looking for a quick snack to appease that rumbling stomach, House of Bagels, often tagged as “hoe bags” by students, is the way to go. The House of Bagels is a close drive that is easy for students to access during the lunch time window. With their efficient service that serves freshly toasted bagels frosted with cream cheese or a spread you prefer, House of Bagels contains a large variety of products. From chocolate chip to cinnamon apple bagels, the assortment of bagels at “hoe bags” is limitless.

The interior of the Mountain View location provides a great place to simply escape with friends and relax. Fro-yo, located right next to House of Bagels, also has a pleasant outdoor seating with umbrellas that set up a perfect venue for students to gather. Fro-yo and House of Bagels produce a combination that easily compliments each other and is convenient for students.

Bumble, a small café located in downtown Los Altos, is unique and charming- a prime location for students to retire after the long school day. With its historic roots, Bumble offers organic food and specialty drinks. Students can grab a coffee or tea and pair it easily with one of Bumble’s freshly prepared sandwiches. Plus, if you have younger siblings, you can drop them off at the playroom while enjoying food with your friends.

If you’re looking for some warm noodle soup, Pho Garden on Castro can easily satisfy that need. A bowl of hot broth and noodles topped with meat and vegetables is a small sample of their menu. If you’re feeling a little risky, you can even give your shot at the Pho Garden Challenge.

Also located on Castro is Red Rock Café, a seemingly normal coffee joint. However, the café is much more individualized with live music performances at least three times a week. With a cozy atmosphere, Red Rock Café provides a captivating place to get lost in music while sipping a nicely brewed cup of coffee and chilling with friends.

Convenient hang out spots are sprinkled all over Mountain View and Los Altos if you search closely. These few spots described above can supply a local and calming shelter from the sweat and stress of school for anyone.