MVHS volleyball team pushed to their limits against Homestead

MVHS volleyball team pushed to their limits against Homestead

Hanna Olson

The varsity girls volleyball team started off and ended strong, ultimately securing a win for MVHS. Even after losing steam in the third set, the team executed a clean, successful game.

Despite lacking the home advantage, MVHS beat Homestead 3-0. As a result, their record on the year stands as 19-2.

The first set put MVHS off to a strong start, as plays and serves were smooth and well-executed. The set ended as a 9-25 win for MVHS.

“We played a really clean game,” MVHS Volleyball Coach Katie Johnson said, “We didn’t make very many errors in the first game. We made one [error], which is pretty much as clean of a game as you can play.” 

In the second set, MVHS continued to execute strong plays and made good defensive blocks in addition. The team held onto the energy from the first set, and won 11-25.

Johnson was proud of her player’s hard work and consistency. She particularly credited Lyric Manson and Millie Kopp for some outstanding plays. 

[Manson] was particularly impactful on the block, which is something we needed against this team that seems to have their most improved player on the block. Having that middle-middle lineup was really clutch for us.

After the second set, MVHS began to lose their momentum. Homestead’s middle players helped them secure more points than previous sets, allowing Homestead to make significant ground. 

“Homestead, that is a really well coached team,” Johnson said, “And so for us to work as hard as we did and do as well as we did was really exciting.” 

However, MVHS held onto their lead, and even through some small errors, managed to finish strong with a score of 20-24 in the third set.

“And in the third game, you know, we maybe ran out of steam just a little but we still finished, which is awesome,” Johnson said, “I’m just proud of them, they did very well tonight and it’s nice when everything goes according to plan and when they execute.”