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Meet this year’s Homecoming Court nominees


Each year, seniors are nominated for homecoming court by peers and teachers. Out of the sixteen seniors, two winners will be announced at the football game on Friday, after students vote for their favorite candidates this week. Keep reading to meet this year’s Homecoming Court nominees!

Sonav Agarwal:

“[At MVHS], I am an avid participant in speech and debate, clubs such as the computer science club and business club. I also play water polo and swim for our teams. I’m super grateful and excited to be on the Homecoming Court,” Agarwal said.

Reneelyn Bato:

I’m involved in ASB, AVID, Ambassadors class, as well as Dance Spectrum. Homecoming Court means that I am able to represent a part of the school as well as be supported by my peers around me,” Bato said.

Tommy Conaway:

“I play football and I wrestle [at MVHS], and I like being on Homecoming Court cause it’s fun,” Conaway said.

Archer Date:

“I have been in a bunch of clubs over my time at MVHS. I think learning new things is really fun, I’ve been in PSYCH Club, Leo Club, Stock Market Investing Club, [and] I’m doing data programming for Data Science Club. I am also part of the speech and debate team and now I am the captain of the public forum team as well as co-president of the mock trial team. It’s a really big honor [to be nominated]. I think it’s a way that I can give back to the community by participating in what’s going on. It’s a celebration for Mountain View as a whole and just having spirit,” Date said.

Raizel De Miranda-Arce:

“I’m on varsity cheer and varsity wrestling, [and] I also play lacrosse. Being on court is super special to me and something that I was always wanting since freshman year and I always talked about it… I just feel super appreciative of all my classmates who put me there. It’s something that I will remember forever,” De Miranda-Arce said.

Roula De Miranda-Arce:

“I’ve been on varsity cheer since sophomore year [and] I work outside of school a lot at an Italian restaurant. Homecoming Court to me is special because me and my sister really wanted to be a part of it together and we ended up being a part of it together, so we can look back at it and have really cute memories of us… I am really thankful to be on it and really grateful for anyone who has supported me in my four years of high school,” De Miranda-Arce said.

Phillip Dworkin:

“Homecoming is great and it’s fun. I always have a great time hanging out with [my friends],” Dworkin said.

Annie Eggleton:

“I am senior class president [in ASB]. I am also on the basketball and water polo team, [and] I’m in Spartan Buddies. Homecoming is really exciting because we obviously didn’t have one last year and it’s been really great to see everyone participate. The rally was really fun to kick off the week. I am really excited to see how the rest of the week goes,” Eggleton said.

Hannia Gomez Diaz:

“I’ve been in cheer since sophomore year. I’ve been the top flier of JV and it’s really helped me build connections, learn the value of teamwork, trust, and community. I am also on the board of Inara MV where we fundraise for war-wounded children, [and] I am also an AVID student and an AVID tutor this year. It’s been nice to have been with the freshman class and share my experience. [Receiving the nomination and] just knowing that my peers support me, it’s really truly an honor and it’s been really fun,” Gomez Diaz said.

Elechi Iroaga:

“I am involved in the varsity soccer team. I’ve also played on varsity and JV lacrosse. I’m in the National Art Honors Society, Ambassadors club, and Spartan Buddies club. Being on court means a lot because it’s just really cool to be recognized by the student body and being able to do all the fun activities,” Iroaga said.

Patrick Kane:

“I am a part of MVHS basketball and volleyball, I am a part of BEAM (business, entrepreneurship, and math) and spartan buddies.” “Being on court is a super cool opportunity. I feel really honored to be a part of that group of people,” Kane said.

Andray Lamba:

“My involvement in school is building relationships and learning and getting to know people. It means a lot to be in Homecoming Court because I feel really supported from my peers,” Lamba said.

Dylan Leahy:

“I’m a part of ASB, I’m an AVID tutor, and I’m the captain of the varsity water polo and varsity swimming team…I’m also a member of spartan buddies. It’s a special experience [to be on court], and I am very grateful,” Leahy said. 

Janessa Ibarra Prado:

“I am involved in Mountain View cheer, basketball, and AVID. Being on homecoming court is so fun and I’m so glad that I am able to do it with friends and classmates,” Ibarra Prado said.

Pranav Siva:

I’m a treasurer on the robotics team, a viola section leader, and a varsity badminton player…I’m grateful to be on homecoming court because I feel so supported by my peers,” Siva said.

Bridget Stuebner:

“I’m involved in ASB, I’m the current student body president and I also do spartan buddies and…I’m on the board of National Honors Society. I serve as recording secretary and I’m a member of the varsity volleyball team. [Being nominated] means so much to me. It is such an honor to be recognized in this way. I am so grateful for my time here at MVHS and for this incredible opportunity,” Stuebner said.

Yianni Tsigaris:

“I’m heavily involved in all things ASB at Mountain View. I’m also a proud member of NHS and Spartan buddies. I’m very humbled to be picked for Homecoming Court; It feels really good to know that my peers think so highly of me,” Tsigaris said.

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