Deadline extended to October 1 for opportunity to change letter grade to pass/fail


Amelia Klingberg

The deadline to change a letter grade to a pass/fail from the 2020-2021 academic school year has been extended to Friday, October 1. 

The school recommended for those with a D or F to improve their GPA, but not for students who earned a C and above.

The application was emailed to students earlier today by Superintendent of Educational Services Teri Faught. Students must submit their name, grade, school, which course the student would like changed, the grade they received, and the term in which it was received. A parent or guardian’s signature is also required. 

Assembly Bill 104, which allows these grading changes to happen, was passed on July 1 with the intention of helping students whose ability to do schoolwork and excel was impacted by the pandemic. 

The application can be seen below.