Projectors, space, and stairs: students and teachers reflect on new buildings


Hayes Duenow

I pretty much like everything about the new buildings, [except] the stairs, the stairs are a lot. Everything else I love about the building, it feels very welcoming… It looks like apartments: I feel very homey when I’m in [the classrooms]. But, because of my schedule, I’m going back and forth, back and forth a lot.”

– Senior Kianna Taylor

“It’s brighter, it’s easier to get around, and the furniture is more user friendly for the kids and for me. There’s definitely more space, especially teaching seniors [who] are much bigger physically than any other class…The new projector has been awesome, it’s a little bit of a learning curve for all teachers but it’s been super helpful…[And,] it’s so much quieter in the new classrooms and the windows are so much better quality…[Generally,] I’ve noticed an overall excitement by the students to be able to be in a new building.”

– History Teacher Alisa Burmeister

“It’s a bit far out on campus…when I have a class in the 600 wing it’s hard to get to the 700 wing on time. Apart from that, I think it looks really nice, there is a great view of the mountains…The classrooms are nice and spacious. I keep looking around [in the classrooms] to see new things that the teachers have. It’s just fun to be in a new environment. [But, the classrooms] have annoying chairs, they are pretty low and uncomfortable to sit in. ” 

– Junior Roanakh Chilukuri

“I like the new buildings but the rooms don’t have equal size or lighting. In AVID, we have one room that’s smaller than the other, yet the teacher who’s permanently in that room got the smaller one, so it kind of sucks…The room I’m in for Health and AVID, [has] a common office between two classrooms that teachers can do work in or students can be in a sort of breakout room. I love the desks for the kids because you can move them around and you can do group studies super easily because they all have rollers…[I would add] a better operating air system, especially on hot days, a wider stairwell, more rooms that have shared walls so that co-teachers could easily open a wall, and more bathrooms… The only thing that kind of freaks me out is that if we had an intruder on campus, I have to protect my students and blockade two doors now versus just one.”

– Physical Education Teacher Tami Kittle

“I feel pretty normal [in the new buildings] because at my old school all the buildings were pretty new. The building itself looks like apartments. [But, the buildings] are pretty far from my other classes, and sometimes there’s no wifi in the hallways. It kind of doesn’t fit the school because everything else looks completely different…This entire school is new to me so the buildings are just newer.”

– Sophomore Elwin Li