FAQ: Construction, classes, and bathrooms in new buildings


Gavin Lin

What types of classes are in the new buildings?

Health, history, math, English, and special education classes are located in the new building. Many of the teachers that had classrooms in the 200 and 300 wings have migrated to the new buildings due to construction. 

Where are the bathrooms?

The closest bathrooms to the new buildings are located in the one-story 800 wing, the large gym, and the boy’s locker room. The current MVHS map fails to show the new bathrooms in the 800 wing, so be sure to utilize them if you are in the new buildings. 

Bathrooms located in the 800 wing

Are the 700 and 800 wings going to be consistent with future construction?

The design of the 700 and 800 wings are intended to be consistent with future construction of the 200 and 300 buildings. The exterior design will be similar to that of the most recent buildings. 

Are the 200 and 300 wings being expanded? What is the end game plan for these wings?

The 200 and 300 wings, which have been under construction, will become a two story Student Services building, including counseling therapists, the college and career center, and a student union gathering place. The focus of these buildings is student wellbeing, as opposed to new classrooms. 

How will fire evacuations work in the new buildings?

For fire evacuation, the stairs should always be used instead of elevators. There are multiple stairwells to decrease traffic during fire drills. 

Staircase in the 700 wing

What is the school doing right now to accommodate students who need the elevator?

During the periods in which teachers have students who require elevator use, which is currently under inspection, teachers have been switching to ground level classrooms in order to accommodate the student.