Students share in-person return experiences


Lily Sucherman

“Going back to school has been really fun, and getting out of the house has kept me more motivated. And, I have loved getting to see my friends every day and meeting my teachers.”

Freshman Katia Conrad

“I was kind of nervous because I wasn’t sure what [returning in person] was going to be like, just in terms of if we are going to be on zoom or listening to the teacher talk…When I returned, we were on zoom all of the time, which was weird because I thought we were going to be in-person without being on zoom. I get distracted usually at home, so I think it’s good that I came back.”

Sophomore Elizabeth Wolf

“I’ve really enjoyed being back in school. I feel like I have gotten to see some of my friends across grades…It was difficult to keep in touch with my lower-classman friends as a senior, so it’s awesome to see their faces and dap them up in the hall…I feel like it is really easy to space out when I am on zoom and I get distracted. In the classroom, there [are] more things to look at than my room, and the teacher is more engaging.” 

Senior Gaurav Chakravarty

“Returning to campus in-person has been fun. It was fun to meet my teachers and my classmates in person. The classes have been more engaging, and it was easier to pay attention. I also made the tennis team, so it was fun to meet some people from there, and overall it has been a good experience.”

Freshman Adam Faradjev

“I was excited [to return to school], but I also was nervous. I really didn’t have many expectations going into it: I thought it was going to be fun, like some in person talking, but some teachers didn’t include in-person collaboration…[My favorite part about being back] is just seeing everyone. It just feels normal.”

Junior Patrick Kane