The day in the life of MVHS Athlete: Allie Montoya


Sophia Sasaki

With the strict COVID guidelines being put in place across California, many sports teams have had to postpone practices and athletes have had to find creative ways to practice their sport and stay fit. Junior Allie Montoya, a soccer player for MVLA ECNL 04G is one of many athletes who have had to modify their fitness regime due to not being allowed to practice. 

“It is unfortunate that we aren’t allowed to practice but we are doing our best to simulate what we would do at practice and ensure that we stay fit and prepared for upcoming games and showcases,”

According to Montoya, the ways she has been able to replicate a typical practice with her club team has been by splitting up the technical practice and fitness. One of the ways in which herself and her team have been playing soccer and working on their technical skills with each other is by participating in pickup soccer at the school. 

“Pickup has been a great way for us to be able to continue to practice with each other and work on our skills in a more game like environment,” Montoya said.

With her team participating in small pickup games 4 times a week, Montoya explained that they are able to get in a good amount of touches on the ball, almost like a regular practice. 

While pickup games have more of a focus on technical play, Montoya has also been completing a fitness packet provided by her coach during the break. According to Montoya, the packet included more intense fitness such as 3 mile runs, practice beep tests, strength training, cross training and more. 

“One of the most helpful ways to stay fit while my team hasn’t been allowed to practice has been using the Nike Training Club app. It has a ton of workouts that range in length and difficulty,” Montoya said.

Despite having to put a hold on practices for the duration of the break, Montoya as well as many other athletes have had to find innovative ways to maintain their skills and stay fit.