Multicultural week postponed, rescheduling tentative

Multicultural week postponed, rescheduling tentative

Roan Gaumer

Multicultural week, which was originally scheduled for November 19th –November 23rd, was postponed to the second semester of this school year.  The idea behind Multicultural week was to highlight the diversity on campus in a fun and interactive way.

“On the first day, culture based clubs, such as the Latino movement, would perform culture based activities. On Tuesday and Wednesday a haunted house would be implemented and on Friday there would be a club [faire],” ASB President, senior Zia Absar said.

The proximity of Multi-cultural week to Spartan pride week left ASB lacking time to prepare for the upcoming event.

“We didn’t have enough time to recuperate [after Spartan pride week],” Absar said.

Although the date for Multicultural week is still tentative, all of the student body and faculty at Mountain View High School can look forward to the week and all it brings if it does occur.