New iPhone app comes to MV and goes international

New iPhone app comes to MV and goes international

Avery Hamm

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, Stanford graduate and mobile application developer Oladayo Olagunju visited the Oracle class to promote his new social networking application called “Questions – Ask and Answer.” The app lets users do just that by sharing ten second video questions and responding to others’ questions with ten second clip answers.

The app allows users from all over the world to share questions and answers on both funny and serious topics. For example, one person asked, “On average what percentage of a males total body hair does the chest hair make up?” Other more serious questions can be just as thought provoking and answer real world academic problems. For example one user asked, “Is Murphy’s Law true or not and why?”

Olagunju’s goal is to broaden the horizon for conversations and spread knowledge in a very dynamic and interactive way. He hopes that his application can help expand the breadth and depth of communication. Olagunju aspires to create Oprah Winfreys and Barbara Walters out of anyone by providing a simple forum of question asking and answering.

“Very few people decide what we think about; it’s time for the people to decide,” he said.

The app could be useful in an academic setting to allow students to post questions they have about difficult subjects.

Right now, the app is only available on iPhone, but keep your eyes out for the Android version.