Girls’ soccer: A look at this coming season

Girls soccer: A look at this coming season

Isaiah Jackson

The varsity girls soccer team, led by Coach Ivan Bandov, has been preparing for the challenging De Anza league by working on plays and conditioning. The Oracle sat down with him to talk about this coming season.

How are you going to maintain success for the entire season?
“It always starts on the defense side of the ball, keeping them from scoring easy goals on us. We did a really good job of that last year, but it’s a different team this year. ┬áSo obviously we need to improve our offense, but we have some returning starts so we should do fine this year.”

How have you guys been preparing for the upcoming season?
“Well, we have been training, our first game is not until Thursday the 29th. We have most of our kids and we have one more coming from cross country after Thanksgiving. We’ve been working a lot on defense on that side of the ball and next week we are going to the offensive side of the ball, honestly we won’t be ready until 4 or 5 games in the season, but hopefully by league we will be ready.”

Come to the girls’ first league home game on Friday, January 4th, at 3:30, where they will be playing against Saratoga.