Campus construction continues through shelter-in-place


Several construction workers move and saw through wooden material.

Emer Martinez

The framing of the new engineering classroom building, which extends perpendicular to the two-story building. Photo by Sophia Smith.

Construction during shelter-in-place

Construction of the new classroom buildings continues to progress at MVHS with the hopes of being completed towards the end 2021. With the goal of moving the portable classes into the new buildings, construction has moved past the foundation to starting work framing the new engineering classrooms and a two-story building.

While Covid-19 has caused a shelter-in place order from the Governor of California, construction has had minimal impact. The county health department order has allowed essential public works construction to continue and on April 3rd the school board passed a resolution deeming the construction work essential. However, according to Mike Mathiesen, the Associate Superintendent of Business Services, there is concern that the equipment and supplies needed for construction will become harder to get, as well as the availability of workers due to health reasons. 

Construction is still scheduled to be completed by spring of 2021.

See a time lapse of the construction by clicking here.