Congressional meeting news briefs: bell schedule, coronavirus, Wifi


Sidney Rochnik

A congressional meeting took place today during the second period, an hour-long meeting mainly featuring the new, final bell schedule and allowing student representatives to voice their concerns and questions. Additional updates on the school’s actions on preventing the spread of novel coronavirus and the improvement of the WiFi were also discussed.

Bell schedule

The new schedule features a new four block day system, having odd periods on Tuesday and Thursday, even periods on Wednesday and Friday, and all periods on Monday. The day starts at 8:40 a.m. consistently, and seventh period ends around 3:40 p.m., the latest the school will remain in session. In addition, zero periods will no longer be available.

The schedule took into consideration several concerns about meeting instructional minutes, when and how long athletes attend practice, and commutes to and from the school, all while implementing the primary concern and cause for change: allowing students a late start to encourage wellness in sleep.

This final draft addresses all legal requirements and is meant to be instituted next year.


A number of upcoming events on campus and involving students have been cancelled due to the threat of exposing students to the novel coronavirus. The district sent out an email detailing these specific events and compiled them into a list on the MVLA website.

Wifi changes

The WiFi has been strongly affected by changes made to the network after the winter break, interrupting most classes that primarily rely on using the internet to teach. The IT department have been working in specific sections of the school, first in the 600s wing and making their way through the 100s wing and onward, in order to return the classrooms to work smoother than their original state. Currently, concerns have arisen that the use of student’s personal devices, such as phones, have been causing WiFi problems. Suggestions to limit student’s phone use have been put forward by the IT department and staff on campus, but no official plans or announcements have been made.