After many advocating for the position, district begins hiring process for Wellness Coordinator


Emer Martinez

The process for hiring a new wellness coordinator is underway, with plans to fill the position by Thanksgiving. 

Wellness has been one of the six focus areas the district has had in mind, and with the application to apply for the new Wellness Coordinator closed last week, the hiring committee will be conducting interviews this week with potential candidates.

Associate Superintendent of Personnel Leyla Benson shared her thoughts on the importance of implementing this new position into the district. Benson said she wants someone who has the skills, passion, and knowledge to connect with students and create a supportive environment. 

“One of our objectives as district staff is to make sure that our work supports the school fight, supports the educators and supports the students, so this position will be very hands on,” Benson said.

The committee is looking for many different qualities in the candidates for this new position. Benson added that this is not an entry level position and that the hiring committee will be looking for someone with administrative experience and leadership skills that are committed to the students wellness. 

“I think this person needs to truly connect with kids and have the ability to be able to show us they have been able to do that,” Benson said. 

Additionally, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services Margarita Navarro is involved in the hiring process and screens through the applications hopes to find a team leader that will help students and staff feel more prepared to handle wellness as a community.  

“This person will be really instrumental in helping our schools design different opportunities for kids… I envision this person to be the champion, the one with the flag,” Navarro said.

We have so many opportunities to support students, but what we need is a leader.

The new Wellness Coordinator will play a pivotal role in the school going forward, working closely with therapists, staff members, and students as well as their parents. Under this new position alternatives for discipline and suspension will be looked at, as well as attendance practices and how to prevent chronic absenteeism and school avoidance. 

MVHS parent and PTSA member, Laura Norris, advocates for teen wellness through many initiatives, including Spartan Pause. Some of her goals through Spartan Pause is to empower youth to be advocates for their mental health, as well as trying to eliminate the stigma of seeking help if needed. “I have seen the positive effects of a community coming together, and I look forward to MVHS coming together when it comes to wellness,” Norris said. 

Through the new Wellness Coordinator, the district hopes to create a supportive, welcoming, inclusive and equitable environment for all students.  

“We have so many opportunities to support students, but what we need is a leader,” Benson said.