Homecoming game win ends week on a good note for Spartans


Ella Haney-Foulds

As varsity football ran through the Spartans banner onto the field on Friday night, the roars from the crowd of MVHS students could be heard from the other side of the school. Their opponents from Fremont High School sported red and white as the Firebirds. With an ending score of 54-7, the Spartans made it clear they were there to dominate and added another win to their record, leaving it at 7-1. 

Right from the start, the Spartans were winning. With 1:22 left in the first quarter, the Spartans were leading 20-0.  

Spartan player on offense runs with ball. Photo by Ava Hinz

After consistent scoring by the Spartans, a Fremont player was injured with 7:45 left in the first half. The referees blew their whistles to stop the game while the player was helped up and brought off the field by two people on either side, hopping on one leg. He sat out the rest of the game, unable to use his left leg. 

With 6:09 left in the first half, Fremont was on the one yard line on the last down, with one more chance to score. Thanks to the Spartan defense, the ball turned over and Fremont did not put any points on the board. 

Cheer wears pink bows for breast cancer awareness. Photo by Ava Hinz

Back in the Spartan stands, there was pink, yellow, and black everywhere you looked. With 6th man taking charge of cheering and marching band playing motivation in the form of music, spectators were jumping, laughing, and cheering all game. 

The football players themselves were repping breast cancer awareness colors, and their hot pink socks were not easy to miss under the field lights. 

As half time grew close, anticipation was high for the entertainment and announcements of homecoming court winners, especially as spectators saw the nominees walk around the track to where they would start walking the field later. The excitement grew when the Spartans made a 30 yard touchdown with 56 seconds left in the first half, making the score 33-0. After making a kick, the score was 34-0 going into half time. 

Spartans are aggressive as they play offense. Photo by Ava Hinz

Dance spectrum started off half time with their dance performance featuring two court nominees in their formal dresses and all. After a performance from cheer, the nominees started walking down the field in an aisle created by the color guard and their silver flag twirling. 

Dance spectrum performs at half time. Photo by Ava Hinz

Chants could be heard of names of people’s favored nominees, and expectations were high by the time all the nominees were standing together in front of the school. The float winners were announced first, with the juniors winning with their Charlie Brown style float. 

Most spirited went to Miles Lin, most inclusive went to Layne Tamada, and most inspirational and highest overall voted went to David Peters. The seniors all congratulated each other and then stepped off the field to make room for marching band’s performance. 

From left to right: Miles Lin, David Peters, Laynie Tamada. Photo by Ava Hinz

The second half started off with a bang, with MVHS player Austin Flax making a breakaway across the whole field to make a touchdown in the first 15 seconds, making the score 41-0. 

Spartan dodges Fremont player. Photo by Ava Hinz

By the end of the third quarter the score was 54-0, with no touchdowns from the Firebirds. However, with 8:12 left in the game, Fremont made their first touchdown. 

At the end of the game all Spartan fans were cheering for their home team and excited that they had ended homecoming week with a successful game.