Fall’s newest fashions


Bethany Tinklenberg

“Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.”
– Kate Spade

For many people, fall is their favorite time of year. The cooler weather, autumn colors, and falling leaves all create an amazing atmosphere that’s perfect for a steaming hot cup of tea, carving pumpkins, jumping in leaves, or sitting by fireplaces. Fall is also the time for sweaters, cardigans, scarves and boots. The colors seem to appear on people as soon as they appear on the leaves. Here are some tips to dressing well while staying warm this season.

Colors for Fall 2012

© Bethany Tinklenberg


Trending this season:

Cardigans, vests, and blazers: Don’t store your summer tops away at the back of your closet quite yet! Cute, lightweight tops from summer can still be worn when paired with a cardigan or a cropped blazer to create an easy yet pulled together look.

Chunky sweaters: Pair them with tights, boots, and a statement accessory and you’ve got a perfect, comfortable outfit.

Pops of pattern: Pairing plain articles of clothing together can create a trendy, monochromatic look, but adding patterns such as polka dots, geometric or cheetah print, or even glittery items can really add a playful element to a basic, neutral outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Sometimes a daring move can be quite chic.

Bursts of color: Fall is the time for more neutral and muted colors, so adding in a brightly colored item, such as a scarf or a top, catches attention and adds to the outfit. But remember, balance out bold colors with muted or neutral ones, such as a bright top with jeans or a bright skirt with grey tights.

Collars: Peter-pan, jeweled, studded, narrow, you name it, collars are versatile. They dress up your outfit and add a little class, but they also work to tone down an outfit. To make a nice dress more casual, layer it with a collared shirt underneath. Not only does it enhance your outfit, it adds warmth too!

Jute belts: The skinny belt is back! Whether worn through your belt loops or around your waist, these belts cinch and slim to create a simple look or enhance a girly figure. With a waist-defining belt, a light top, such as a denim shirt, top can become a light piece of outerwear.

Little lace: Adding lace to an outfit makes it a little more flirty and a little more girly, while making one feel pretty at the same time.

Scarves: Colorful, patterned, or plain, scarves are the perfect fall accessory. Not only do they add warmth, they also add just the right amount of color and texture to complete a look.

Boots: Whether they be booties, just-below-the-knee leather boots, or suede, boots are the go-to fall footwear. They keep you dry and warm while adding a completely necessary and attractive element to your outfit.

Fancy Tops: Textured, draped, backless, or peplum, fancy tops are a new way to dress up your outfit. Layer a peplum over a fitted skirt or skinny jeans for a fashion-forward feminine silhouette. When sticking with plain jeans or skirts, go with textured tops and a fall jacket.

(photos taken from Pinterest)