MVMB: Folsom Fall Festival

MVMB: Folsom Fall Festival

Naomi Stolpner

On Saturday, the Mountain View Marching Band took second place in their final competition of the year, the Folsom Fall Festival.

For band members, and especially graduating seniors, Folsom is an extremely emotional competition that ends the season on a sentimental note.

“I’ll miss everything, but mostly just the feeling of knowing you have almost two-hundred people working so hard for the same thing,” senior Beth Pearlman said. “We’re all so different, and there are people you’d never meet, but you get to work with them and get to know them through marching band.”

Pearlman is sad to see the season come to an end, but is extremely proud of the impressive job the band has done to produce the show. Senior Dean Rossi echoed these emotions.

“After seeing what people wrote to me through Folsom Faxes, I just had to stop and really appreciate how great of a community it is and how much I will miss them all,” he said.

Thanks to Patti Constantakis for the photos.


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