Thespians show off during MVHS’s first lipsync battle


Sophia Smith

A crowd of eager students, united in their passion to sing and act, assembled in the theater for the school’s first Lip-sync Battle last Friday at 7 p.m. Students performed creative skits, mouthing the words to their favorite songs, movies, and television jingles in the battle hosted by the International Thespian Society.

According to senior Zachary Coughlin, member of the ITS and MC of the Lip-sync battle, the club hoped to foster an inclusive community for students to come together and enjoy themselves with the event.

“We’re trying to create more programs outside of our normal [theater productions],” Coughlin said. “The Lip Sync Battle isn’t just something in the theater department, it’s something that we opened up to everybody. I think it’s a fun idea because theater is all about getting to go do something that you love that you don’t get to do normally.”