Best of the Bay: Mountain View Farmer’s Market


Bethany Tinklenberg

Imagine seeing fresh cut flowers and a stunning array of brightly colored vegetables as you stroll between the stalls and meander through the vendors taking in the mixture of smells wafting from each different food stand.  Different languages meld together creating a low buzz of conversation. Children laugh and stand by eating large ears of corn, and forming a line to buy 25 cent honey sticks.

The Mountain View Farmer’s Market has been an award-winning market consecutively for 15 years. It was rated the #1 Favorite Farmer’s Market in the Bay Area, #4 Farmer’s Market in California, and the #5 Farmer’s Market in America according to the California Farmer’s Markets Association (CFMA).

“I love the farmer’s market,” Amy Bozick, a regular attendee of the market said. “I think it’s so fun to try the different food and fruits and it’s nice to know that I’m buying local.”

Ashley Rork, of Thomas Farms, is one of the wonderful vendors that keep the superb shops up and running for people to enjoy.

“It’s a great market”, Rork said. “The community is obviously passionate about the local food, which is great to see.”

Rork’s typical daily routine consists of going to the farm between 4:30 am and 6 am, picking up a pre-loaded truck, and driving it to the market. Then, Rork sells for about four to six hours, and enjoys every minute of it.

As a senior in high school, Luis Rodriguez, of Ortiz farms, enjoys having the job on the weekend.

“[It’s a] fun job because you meet new people. It’s more interesting than being at home watching TV,” Rodriguez said.

Even one of our very own Mountain View High School alumnus, Bob Comstock, spends his weekends at the market behind the table for Toofu Tofu.

“[The overall experience is] getting to meet all kinds of people who are looking for healthier, more natural foods,” Comstock said. “You meet so many different types of people.  It’s helped me build my social and retail skills.”

Comstock has always enjoyed coming to the market, and working there provided a relaxing break from his college schedule.

“Something that most people don’t know is that at the end of the day, you get to trade any extras with other vendors,” Comstock said.

“There are very few jobs available to anyone where you can stand in the sun all day and be surrounded by flowers, positive people, and a positive attitude. It’s also very rare to find a job where you love what you do.” Rork concluded.

Statistics from “America’s Favorite Farmer’s Market Contest” conducted by the American Farmland Trust.

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