After weeks of uncertainty, Mountain View City Council election results end a close race


Nisha Malley

One month after election day, the final votes have been tallied in the narrow race for three open seats on the Mountain View City Council, naming candidates Ellen Kamei, Lucas Ramirez, and Alison Hicks as the winners.

Alison Hicks defeated incumbent Pat Showalter by a slim 97 votes, winning the city council seat that remained undecided after election night came to a close.

Mayor Lenny Siegel’s added failure to retain his seat, in tandem with Showalter’s defeat, has been characterized by many as a rejection of current city leadership.

77.1 percent of registered voters turned out for the election compared to 53.9 percent during the 2014 midterm election, according to the Mountain View Voice.

*Featured image courtesy of Wikipedia, Alison Hicks courtesy of the Mountain View Voice, Lucas Ramirez image courtesy of Lucas Ramirez, Ellen Kamei image courtesy of Ellen Kamei (L-R)