Glasnost club resumes signature political discussions

Glasnost club resumes signature political discussions

Abby Cunniff

This year the Glasnost club has been reborn after a few years of dormancy, and is back and bigger than ever.

In their discussions, the members of the club work to create an open and comfortable environment for students with all viewpoints. The purpose of Glasnost is to create an open environment and foster substantive discussion of current events. The idea of Glasnost originated as a “a Soviet policy permitting open discussion of political and social issues and freer dissemination of news and information”, but is now present in room 107, on Mondays at lunch. Co-president Annalivia Chen says that though she and Naib Mian, the other co-president, both have strong opinions about most political and social issues, the most important value they stress in the club is respect, especially for differing voices.

This election season, the club is holding their traditional mock election, as part of the MyVote California Student Mock Elections, where students will be voting in their history classes on the presidency, senators and the California propositions. Glasnost shows the “openness” ideal of their club most in the preparation for the election that was held this week, where they had booths in the quad and back parking lot, with explanations of the propositions and voter guides.

Glasnost Club is working hard to bring neutral politics to teenage members of our society, and Oracle salutes them for their educational work.