Spartan Pride Week, Spirit Day themes and updates

Spartan Pride Week, Spirit Day themes and updates

Veda Sunkara

Due to the changes to the Homecoming Week schedule, this year the Mountain View High School ASB has moved spirit week from the week before the Homecoming dance and football home game to the week of October 22nd, dubbing it “Spartan Pride Week”. On Monday, the theme is generations. Seniors support their class by dressing up as senior citizens, juniors as members of the workforce, sophomores as kids, and freshmen as babies. Points will be awarded to each class based on participation, so be sure to dress up! The lunchtime activity features a Sponge Splash Relay, during which volunteers will place a sponge in a bucket of water, soak up as much water as they can, run across the quad to an empty bucket, then drain the sponge into that bucket. They will then run back and repeat this process until a team fills the second bucket while completely emptying the first.

Tuesday’s theme is salad dressing. Seniors represent Caesar salad dressing, and should dress in Roman-style togas. Juniors are representing Ranch dressing and are encouraged to dress western. Thousand Island dressing is allocated to the sophomores, who should support their class by wearing tropical clothing. Freshmen represent oil and vinegar, and should wear mismatched and/or clashing articles of clothing. At lunch, students will race to compete in a potato sack race.

Wednesday’s theme is water. Seniors represent Smart Water and should dress in nerdy clothes such as oversized glasses and suspenders. Fiji water is the theme for the juniors, who are encouraged to dress tropical, with oversized sunglasses and flowered, button down tourist shirts. Sophomores represent Gatorade, and their type of dress is sporty. Freshmen represent Vitamin Water, and will wear workout clothes to support their class. The lunchtime activity is an exciting inflatable obstacle course race run by the Leadership class. All students are encouraged to participate, and hot chocolate will be awarded to the winners!

Throwback Thursday’s theme is decades. Seniors will represent the 80’s, juniors the 70’s, sophomores the 60’s and freshmen the 50’s. To support their class and earn Sparta Cup points, students can dress up in traditional clothes from that generation. At brunch, there will be a tug-of-war activity that teachers can sign up for with their 2nd period class. The lunch activity will be a “donut dangle,” in which blindfolded volunteers will try to eat the delicious treats off of suspended strings. After school, there will be a JV Football game at home, and classes will hold float building after school from four to eight o’clock.

On Friday, the theme is Spartan Pride, so all students should support our school by dressing in black and yellow. It is a minimum day, so school ends at 12:30. There will be a parade at 12:45, during which the artistic floats made the night before will be displayed. This is immediately followed by a picnic on the soccer field at one, where clubs and ASB will be selling delicious foods, and ASB will lead sports and games. At 7pm, we will have MVHS’s first night football game! Under the brand new lights, Mountain View’s Varsity football team will take on Homestead. Be sure to come out and support our school!