AVID class of 2021 experiences teacher switches


Katherine Wang

This year many students in the sophomore AVID classes have had to undergo teacher switches. This change came to the dismay of students who anticipated spending all four years with the same AVID class. However, both AVID classes continue to be held during the same period.

According to Tami Kittle, one of the sophomore AVID teachers, the change was made so the students could familiarize themselves with both teachers. In the case that students have scheduling conflicts with other classes, one of the AVID classes may be changed to a different period. “We want to get the kids used to understanding that we’re still a big family, we just may not be in the same room and/or at the same time,” Kittle said.

While some students have switched to a different teacher, others remained with the same one from last year. According to Kittle, the change was made randomly.

“I know a lot of people last year who were in freshman year and when we heard about [the teachers] changing, they were pretty mad,” said sophomore Jeannie Vongfungfoo, a student in AVID.

In spite of this teacher switch, Vongfungfoo has started to adjust to the new teacher and class environment. “I think that the students in AVID are really what makes the environment and the community,” she said.

AVID students work in Kristin Cardenas’ classroom.  AVID students in Tami Kittle’s classroom pictured above. 

Despite the change, the two classes still work together often. On Thursdays, they come together and have a tutorial period where they can do their homework and the teachers can check in on how they are doing in AP Comp, a required course for AVID. Rather than being split up by their AVID teacher, they are divided based on the classes they are taking and the teachers they have for those classes.

Besides interacting during class, there are also various bonding activities involving both AVID classes, said Kittle. She describes having the two different AVID periods as a house with different rooms. “We have our two living rooms, but yet we have a family room where we can all come together,”