SAT Prep: The Best and Worst

SAT Prep: The Best and Worst

Sofia Biros

The SAT. The mere name sends some into a spiral of confusion. Have no fear, for there’s a wide array of programs out there to help prepare you for the College Board testing. However, with all the available options, it is easy to get overwhelmed in choosing a program. Some are more beneficial than others, and some are more expensive: but which one is best for you?

Mountain View High School’s very own Tutorial Center partners with Edge Educational Services (The Edge) twice a year for a program dubbed “How to Outsmart the SAT.” For $90, students receive a total of 18 hours of coursework, which includes 5 two-hour courses and 2 four-hour practice tests. Overall, the program has received very positive reviews.

Marcia Wold, a math teacher at MVHS, commented, “our school offers very good, reasonably priced courses for students to take full advantage of.” For more information on The Edge SAT Prep program at Mountain View, contact Mr. St. Clair in the tutorial center.

A very similar, widely used program is Revolution Prep. With three classes and five practice tests, they strive to have every student feel adequately prepared. The focus of the classes is based on test taking strategies, and much of the time is spent doing independent work with assistance from the instructor. If you work well on your own, this course is perfect for you. Junior Hannah Katz told the Oracle that she “loved the structure and felt really prepared” for her test.

There are lots of options to choose from while selecting a SAT prep course. In addition to in-class courses, there are also many private tutors that will help you have an exact plan that will cater to your individual needs. Many students also find it helpful to use books specifically published by the College Board to prepare you for the test. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one way of getting ready! Most students preparing for the SAT use more than one resource to aid them. Despite being highly overwhelming, if you follow a set criteria you have, finding the right program can be a breeze!