New physical fitness classes to be offered in 2018-19 school year


Isabella Scotti

Two new physical fitness classes, “Total Fitness” and “Team Field Sports,” are being offered for 10-12 graders who have to take PE, in the 2018-19 school year.

The total fitness class will focus on individual fitness activities such as yoga, pilates, fitness training, power walking, swimming, and cardiovascular health. At the end of the year, students will also be able to go into the community and find places they can go to work out at a reasonable cost, as well as design their own fitness plan.

Students in grade 10-12 only have one physical education class offered to them. Photo by Samantha Fong

The team field sports class is tailored to any team sport, indoor or outdoor, such as soccer, football, softball, ultimate frisbee, and other cardiovascular activities. From there, according to PE teacher Tami Kittle, students will pick the desired sports and they’ll be created into units.

In the past, in order to receive PE credit, students in grades 10-12 would enroll in regular PE.

“[Regular 10-12 PE] is just so cut dry and we wanted to give options because not everybody likes certain things,” Kittle said. “We wanted to tailor it to certain interests so that kids who have to take PE or who aren’t athletic or who would prefer one thing over another have a choice.”

According to Kittle, the physical education department has been “playing with the idea” for around five years about possible ideas for physical education opportunities.

In their current PE class, students participate in a multitude of sports and activities to fulfill their PE credits. Photo by Samantha Fong.

“All the teachers and kids have noticed that when you’re forced into PE and the subjects and units that we are teaching, kids didn’t really seem to be enjoying it–it was like pulling teeth for participation for like ⅔ of the class,” Kittle said.

Both classes will partake in a self defense unit and tumbling unit required by state standards. Sophomores are also able to take these classes without having passed the physical fitness test.


“We want them to have an option and enjoy being physically fit and not be forced into PE,” Kittle said.

The classes will most likely be offered period zero through sixth.