Openly gay student crowned “Homecoming Queen”

Students of Mountain View High School wrote history on Friday, September 21, crowning Seniors Tyler Galdes and Anna Livia Chen as Homecoming King and Queen. For the first time at MVHS, both King and Queen stood on the field of Foothill College during halftime dressed in crowns and tuxedos, for Chen became the first ever openly-gay student to win Homecoming Court elections.

Tyler Galdes (left) and Anna Livia Chen (right) smile for the crowd after being crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

Both students actively contribute to the school on a large scale. This year, Galdes serves as the MVHS Marching Band Drum Major and Mock Trial Co-President. Galdes explained that he did not specifically aim to become Homecoming King.

“I participated in activities that I enjoyed, I took on leadership opportunities, and I was visible to students,” he said of his election.

Meanwhile, Chen holds the position of Associated Student Body (ASB) Multi-Cultural Commissioner and Gay Straight Alliance Club President.

“People can give me credit,” Chen said of her election, “and I’m not going to pretend that I don’t have a hand in it, but I think it says a lot about this area and how this school has progressed.”

“We’ve gotten to a point where not only am I elected, but everyone was so overjoyed about it. And the fact that you can really be yourself, be honored for that, and not have to fit the stereotypical high school mold is really refreshing,” Chen said.

Tyler Galdes (left middle) and Anna Livia Chen (right middle) proudly accept the royal honor as Homecoming King and Queen.