ASB introduces new activities at first rally and dance, aimed toward introverts


Samantha Fong

To expand the participation and diversity of students involved, ASB incorporated both traditional and new activities in the first rally and dance of the year, both of which were hosted Aug. 18.

This year, ASB said they plan to focus on promoting inclusivity on campus, a goal they kept in mind when planning the Back to School dance and rally. The rally’s inclusion of a cross-class Kahoot! competition, as well as the traditional relay race, are products of ASB’s desire to include a diversity of students in their events.

“At every rally, we have the relay and we have the skis at the end…it’s kind of a culture thing…to remind everyone what Mountain View is all about,” said ASB President Arjun Gujral.

ASB adviser Carson Rietveld explained that the class has spent time considering different personalities on campus, specifically introverts and extroverts.

My goal is to make sure that everyone feels included, and that everyone feels welcome to go

“The diversity of the games in the rally was inspired by students thinking about [introverts and extroverts],” Rietveld said. “The idea of the Kahoot was that it was for a more introverted student who maybe doesn’t want to go out and be a lip sync-er.”

Additionally, the Back to School dance the night of the rally consisted of games such as giant Jenga, Connect Four, and Spike Ball, directed toward students who preferred not to dance. ASB Dance Commissioner Brianna Sauter said she hopes that these activities will increase the attendance at dances.

Photo by Brianna Sauter

“My goal is to make sure that everyone feels included, and that everyone feels welcome to go,” Sauter said. “We want people to go and meet new people, and feel like they’re a part of the school and that they belong there, even if they don’t want to dance.”

Sauter is even considering changing the Last Chance Dance to a more inclusive event like a barbecue or a game of capture the flag.

Moving forward, according to Gujral, ASB will focus on large issues throughout the year that affect the diverse student body. Some ideas include implementing charging stations for laptops in the library, adding mirrors to the bathrooms, and even changing the bell schedule.

“We want this campus to be as inclusive as possible because that’s the key to everything,” Gujral said.