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So You Think You Can Dance: Staff Edition

We saw some students of Mountain View High School perform at the Dance Spectrum show this past weekend, but how about our teachers? We challenged some teachers to learn and perform some modern dance moves. Included in this video are Sr. Campbell, Mr. Fleischman, Mr. Payne, Ms. Marks, Mr. Heiken, Ms. Rosburg, Coach, Ms. Sakowicz, […]

Emily White reflects on MVHS experience and looks to the future


“While using Type to Learn, I was obsessed with Miley Cyrus and made a profile based on her. So, I made an account and [my teacher] was like, ‘Who is this?’ Then, a bunch of other students begun making other Type to Learn accounts under the names of other 2008 celebrities, and my teacher was […]

MVHS engineering students make an unmanned aerial vehicle


As of February 2016, two engineering students, Nathan Atkinson and Carl Recine, have been building an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to help Ms. Dunsmore’s Physics class with their annual “Mars Landing Egg Drop Project.” The objective of this project is to build a container with an egg inside, representing the Mars Rover, and then launch the […]

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