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Pray for juniors 2k15


Three. Two. One. RUN! You and friends burst out the classroom door, sprinting towards the back parking lot before the herd of upperclassmen crowd the exit and you’re unable to escape school grounds. Too late. They’ve taken over the parking lot and there’s no way out. It takes all your strength to hold tears back; […]

Memoirs of a MVHS zero period student


  6:00 I’m waking up, but I’m not getting out of bed for another ten minutes, and don’t even try to talk to me until I’ve had caffeine. 6:10 My morning aesthetic is pain and pastel. 6:15 This feels like jet lag, but without Cancún. 6:30 A healthy lifestyle takes a lot of hard work, […]

Up-and-coming Bands Playlist


Between Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube, finding and streaming great music is not difficult. Discovering unique new music to listen to can be a bit harder, but these four up-and-coming alternative rock bands, organized in no particular order, are essential to check out before they hit the top charts.     Band: Finish Ticket Listen To: […]

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