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Video interview with Lyndsey Dworkin: soccer player, aspiring mechanical engineer, cancer survivor

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Take a look at this video interview with Lyndsey Dworkin (from Sydney Sheffield’s print article in our November 6th issue) to learn how her perspective of life has changed since recovering from a brain tumor.  

The ACT Aspire test


In addition to the PSAT, there exists the practice ACT.  This exam is referred to as the ACT Plan. This test is intended for sophomores, and here at Mountain View High School, our AVID sophomores are given the opportunity to take it. Ruby Ochoa, an AVID senior, is among the AVID students who had taken […]

New PE exemption policy


As of this school year, a new policy has been implemented in the Mountain View High School physical education department. The policy states that athletes enrolled in seven classes, in addition to sports have the choice to opt out of their PE class.  They are not required to come to PE class when involved in […]

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