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Farm town to college bound: Monica Espinoza

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It was the middle of the morning in Salinas, California when confused and curious high school senior, Monica Espinoza, was pulled from her classroom to meet with a recruiter from San Jose State University. The door opened to a young woman wearing a polo with the SJSU emblem on the breast pocket. “Good morning, Ms. […]

Discovering one’s self through music


In 2012, Gary Marcus, a world renowned research psychologist, released a book titled Guitar Zero that deeply examines how the human brain is affected by musical creativity. The book recounts Marcus’s journey of learning to play the guitar, while beginning with no distinguishable musical talent. Guitar Zero investigates exactly how a human of any age […]

TEDx comes to MVHS


A TEDx event, hosted and planned by staff member Madeline Miraglia and junior Owen Mountford, will occur at Mountain View High School in the theater on Wednesday January 6, 2016. TED conferences occur twice a year and aim to spread ideas through 10-20 minute talks accompanied by visual aids. The speakers at these conferences are […]

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