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Freestyle Academy holds Open House on Oct. 29


Freestyle Academy held its first open night of the year this past Thursday at the Freestyle Academy campus, situated between Mountain View High School and the district office. students got a chance to present the projects they’ve worked on since the beginning of the year.                     […]

Reflections: A growing divide


I’ve taken for granted the seemingly unmarred relationship I’ve shared with my parents for almost 17 years. Steadfast support has streamed from my mother and father’s fingertips as they have reached out to guide me in every direction of my life. I’ve inherited my mother’s thirst for adventure. I’ve inherited my father’s open heart and […]

Halloween Costumes


On October 30, MVHS showed their ghostly spirit for Halloween. From the teachers to students of all grades, many dressed up in their own unique costumes. In classes teachers scared students or handed out candy–everyone was in the Halloween spirit. The festivities continued after school with the goosebump filled haunted house put on by ASB. […]

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