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Theater steps reopened

After reading about the closing of the theater steps in the Sept. 25 print edition of The Oracle, junior Brian Olazaba, decided to begin a campaign to reopen the steps for students to sit on during brunch and lunch. The theater steps were closed to students at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year due […]

TEDx event hosted by MVHS

  Mountain View High School hosted a TEDx event (an event affiliated with but independently organized from the nonprofit TED- Technology, Entertainment, and Design) for the first time this past Wednesday, January 6. MVHS junior, Owen Mountford, had the idea for TEDxMountainViewHighSchool and was involved in organizing the event along with other staff and student […]

Some advanced foreign languages classes unavailable this year

hand drawn effect type spelling Language and various language education related concepts

Several foreign languages, including Spanish 4 and French 5/5H, are not being offered this year at MVHS, a contrast to their availability in the past. Madame Gres, a French teacher of 12 years and former Head of the Department of World Language, explained the process of which classes show up for the school year. “Both […]

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