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Word on the street: New Years resolutions

Word on the street: New Years resolutions

Dec 11, 2013

With New Years around the corner, many members of the Mountain View High School community are thinking ahead about resolutions for 2014. New Years is a time to set goals and make changes in your life- and even the smallest pledges like taking more walks or calling your grandma more often, can make a huge impact. With resolutions pertaining to personal life, academics, and extracurriculars, students and teachers at MVHS are ready to ring in the New Year with brand new goals.

Authors: Cynthia Moir and Allie Caccamo

Sophomore Annie Iverson

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“I want to improve my grades, improve my health, and improve the world.”



  1. why so many sophomores? should int this be more spread out instead on 90% of people asked are sophomores

  2. MVHS Student 222 /

    For the record, it is St. Clair, poor editing.

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