Word on the street: New Years resolutions

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With New Years around the corner, many members of the Mountain View High School community are thinking ahead about resolutions for 2014. New Years is a time to set goals and make changes in your life- and even the smallest pledges like taking more walks or calling your grandma more often, can make a huge impact. With resolutions pertaining to personal life, academics, and extracurriculars, students and teachers at MVHS are ready to ring in the New Year with brand new goals.

Authors: Cynthia Moir and Allie Caccamo

Sophomore Annie Iverson

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“I want to improve my grades, improve my health, and improve the world.”



  1. ? says:

    why so many sophomores? should int this be more spread out instead on 90% of people asked are sophomores

  2. MVHS Student 222 says:

    For the record, it is St. Clair, poor editing.

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