Word on the street: “Freshmen” moments


What “Freshman” moments have you had so far this school year?







“The rallies are so confusing, I couldn’t figure out where to sit and what to do.”
– Jason Greenberg (’16)

“Well…my sister’s boyfriend got thrown into a trashcan when he was a freshman. I’m so glad that hasn’t happened to me!”
– Anonymous

“Everyone is always calling me little and cute! I’m not little, and I’m not cute!”
– Kyle Petersen (’16)

“I walked into the girls’ bathroom.”
– Dean Trammell (’14)

“I don’t know my locker combination.”
– David McMullin (’15)

“I definitely still struggle to open my locker. I always leave binders and stuff in it and so I end up going to my locker like 20 times a day!”
– Kelsey Harrigan (’14)

“My freshman moments have consisted of running to my 0 period when I forget to print my homework, always being one class period off, and always thinking that its brunch after 1st (because of a 0-6).”
-Danielle Ignacio (’13)

“I had to run to class because I went out and we came back late!”
– Natalie Brown (’16)


Sofia Biros
Sofia is a staff writer for the MVHS Oracle student newspaper. When she's not writing for the paper, you can find her in the pool playing water polo or out on the field practicing with the new girls' lacrosse team. Her favorite color is mint, as demonstrated by her backpack, and often nail polish color and attire.

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