Latino Student Union celebrates Mexican culture on Cinco de Mayo


On Cinco de Mayo, the Latino Student Union (LSU) held a celebration of Mexican culture in the science quad with free horchata and a raffle to win a piñata. The quad was decorated with colorful strings of traditional papel picado.

“This event is important to me because I am a Mexican-American, and my parents came here for me to have a better future,” said co-president of LSU, Joel Navarro Jr. “They came here for me to experience new things and spread my culture.”

Students and teachers alike gathered to watch performances from various groups of folkloric dancers.

“Throughout the years, we haven’t seen a lot of diversity around campus… so it’s really cool to see a lot of people come out and celebrate different cultures,” said LSU member Stephanie Torres.

Photos by Nisha Malley.

Adri Penix

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