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MVHS student Jeanette McKellar reunites with Ghanaian refugee


Thomas Awiapo, a refugee from Ghana, reunited with MVHS freshman Jeanette McKellar earlier this month after having lived at her home for two weeks when she was seven. Alone and on the streets in Ghana, Awiapo was an orphan by age ten. Both of his parents died of AIDS. Two of Awiapo’s younger siblings died […]

Where do parking passes go?


Parking passes are required to park in the MVHS student parking lot yet students are unaware of where the $40 they pay for their parking pass goes. This chart represents the distribution of a $40 parking pass. The money has been divided up into all categories of the ASB Budget from the 2015-2016 school year. […]

MVHS Alumni flies point for the Blue Angels


Ryan Bernacchi, MVHS alumnus of the ‘92 graduating class and current Commanding Officer of the Blue Angels, returned to Mountain View on Wednesday, Oct. 5, to inspire the student body and relay his own path to success. The Blue Angels, a prestigious flight-demonstration squadron of the US Navy, performs for 11 million people each year […]

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