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Alex Wagenbrenner- Medical mission to the Philippines


Alex Wagenbrenner, a junior at Mountain View High School, recently embarked on a medical mission on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. He attended as an intern to Dr. Henry Hamilton MD, who went along with two groups of Doctors. These doctors included gynecologist and plastic surgeons, both of whom provided medical care to […]

Shubha Chakravarty starts new MVTV segment featuring MVHS staff


Senior Shubha Chakravarty has recently started a new series of segments on Mountain View Television broadcasts with Mountain View High School teachers. Each segment is constructed around an activity where Chakravarty talks with teachers and allows students to get to know the teachers in a setting outside of school. The idea was sparked during a […]

Bubble Tea Places in Mountain View


Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese drink and the “bubble” part refers to not the tapioca balls, but the bubble foam at the top of the tea after it’s been shaken to enhance its flavor.  Bubble tea comes in a variety of flavors, from milk tea to oolong tea to kiwi snow. However every bubble tea […]

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