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Interested in writing, photography, videography, graphic design, or web design? Join the Oracle! The Oracle is an independent, nonpartisan, award-winning student newspaper that strives to serve the MVHS community with professional, well-rounded coverage while adhering to the highest journalistic and ethical standards.

The Oracle is entirely student-run, making it an amazing opportunity for students to develop critical thinking and leadership abilities. Students build writing skills, participate in discussions, meet other journalists, and learn to use professional 21st-century technology.




What class do I sign up for?

The Oracle is comprised of students in Digital Communications II and III. Sign up for Digital Communications II to join the Oracle directly, or join Digital Communications I to work on the yearbook for a year before joining the Oracle. Digital Communications III is a class for students who have previously enrolled in Digital Communications II.

How will participating in Oracle enhance my high school experience?

Oracle is a great place for students to develop leadership and communication skills by working as part of an organization that is committed to serving our community through quality journalism.

What credits does Oracle cover?

Each semester of Digital Communications II and III counts for 5 elective credits. Graduation standards require 60 elective credits, 40 of which would be covered by participating in Oracle for four years. Digital Communications is also a Career Technical Education Course, which means upon completion of DCIII, college credit could be applied.

If I sign up for Digital Communications II, will I still get to participate in the publication?

Yes! DCII focuses on teaching students the foundational skills of journalistic writing and ethics while also giving them hands-on experience writing for our publication. First year DCII students will receive more hands-on education about how to write, edit, and think journalistically, and generally serve as staff writers for the paper.

Do I need to take Digital Communications I before DCII?

No – Digital Communications I produces the yearbook, which is not created by the Oracle staff. To join the Oracle newspaper directly, students can enroll in DCII. They can also still be CTE course completers, providing they finish DCIII.

What if I’m not sure I want to write articles?

Oracle also has opportunities for people interested in photography, videography, broadcast, graphic design, audio work, and web design. We look for students with diverse skill sets and ways of thinking who can each contribute something of their own to the publication.




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